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January 1, 2008
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You cant fight christmas by Velica You cant fight christmas by Velica
I'm a part of that growing bunch of people who dislike christmas - the non-religious, non-consumists, winter-hating creatures.

Ever since I joined such guerilla cause I've been defeated. If you make negative comments about christmas people will frown upon you. If you mention how fake the christmas kindess is, people will frown upon you. If you try to convince your family to celebrate christmas without the gift swap, they will ignore you.

If you try to ignore christmas, christmas will come after you. On the TV, on the Radio, on conversations. The propaganda war is just too strong.

So this year I gave up. I resigned myself to the herd behaviour, bought some gifts and pretended I didnt't mind receiving dull copied text messages on my mobile.

As I handed the gifts around I felt like a partizan handing is rifle to the enemy. A well armed, omnipresent enemy. Extending its troops troughout the land and bombing everyone with gifts.

I have failed.
peT-the-dead Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008
You can't fight christmas?
You should try at least.
The-Mirrorball-Man Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh. I love giving gifts, so I really enjoy Christmas. :)

That being said, this is an excellent evocation of the feelings you're refering to. :thumbsup:
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